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Frell This Weather 20110224

Sleet / freezing rain / slushy snow. Pick your poison. We've got all three.

Elsewhere, it's shaping up to be the first really nasty spring-style weather day.

In programming news, I've fixed the Kansas/Arkansas bug for about the thousandth time. See, I keep rewriting code and/or changing languages, and every time I write a state parser, I forget that Kansas will match Arkansas 100% of the time unless you change the behaviour. For me, I've fixed it by having it look for " <state>" (so a space before the state name). And on the plus side, I wrote tests for both of the places where it was breaking, so if I rebreak it later, I'll know sooner.

And the reports page on is broken again. It says there are no reports today. Well, that's cause the script that updates it has been breaking. I swear, the storm reports code must be the single most buggy thing I've ever written. I keep fixing it; it keeps breaking.

Off for more troubleshooting. I live for this, right.