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Welcome to yelyah v5, which looks exactly like yelyah v3!

If you like minimalist piano, I do a lot of that.

listen to this

a semi-random sampling of my faves

  • since you've been gone
  • half past midnight
  • half life
  • cumulus
  • liquid ice


Buried Underground 20110306

Only he that has the power will know the secrets that are buried underground. more →

the ADD is strong in that one 20110305

If only my powers of ADD could be used for good instead of evil. more →

The Storm 20110304

My piano interpretation of the storm that just rolled through. more →

Pink Blue Jam 20110303

My fingers aren't cooperating with me. more →

The Fire Inside 20110302

My water heater. Deliver cold water one day; burns you alive from the inside out the next. more →