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Enn Zed 20110222

My thoughts are with the people of Christchurch who were hit by a massive earthquake on Tuesday, NZDT.

It's been quite surreal watching all of the live coverage.

Though this earthquake was of a lesser magnitude than September's, this one was much closer to Christchurch and was at a much shallower depth (5km vs 10km).

On the map below, the 2010 earthquake is marker A and Tuesday's earthquake is marker B.

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Things I've learned.

  • first, I had never even thought about earthquake depth before, so that was a new concept
  • I had incorrectly thought that casualty == fatality. I assumed that the NZ usage of "casualty" was regional/of British origin, but it turns out that casualty has a universal meaning, and it's both injuries and fatalities.
  • soil liquefaction is responsible for all of the water on the ground and roadways. In a sense, the ground is flooding. From below.
  • Hilary Barry was the anchor that I saw a lot of on the first day. I think she did an amazing job considering all of the chaos of the day.
  • Christchurch has had many aftershocks in the time after the September earthquake, including a 4.9 on Boxing Day. The Tuesday earthquake is even considered an aftershock of the initial September quake.

Though I'm sure it will be difficult for things to ever be the same, I wish the people of Christchurch a speedy recovery.