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Tornado On Wisteria Lane 20110221

The tornado episode of Desperate Housewives was the first and only episode I've seen of that show.

I rewatched it today to take notes so that I can do a writeup about it and rip it to shreds.

When I think about how Hollywood knows nothing about tornadoes, this episode is always the first thing that comes to mind (though I'm sure there are much worse offenders out there).

Whoever was responsible for writing this episode seems to have confused tornadoes with hurricanes. The sustained winds really reminded me of all of the hurricane footage I've seen where Jim Cantore is bracing into hurricane force winds. With one major exception: on Wisteria Lane, the winds are strong enough to do things like pick up a car, or drive a piece of not-too-sharp fencing through a villain, but those same wind speeds can't manage to knock someone over, until it's convenient to the plot of course.

And of course, the following could happen, but I still think it's funny. If Desperate Housewives has taught us anything, you are safer hanging out in a closet or in a bathroom than you are taking shelter in a proper basement. Because tornadoes hate basements. They've got a map of your area. They know who has a basement.

If you've got a basement, the tornado is coming for YOU.