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solo piano 20110114

I've known vi/vim for 1.5+ decades. It's my go-to editor anytime I'm making a quick edit from the command line.

Yet I've never attempted to make it my only editor.

Probably because, by default, it's ugly and you have to deliberately seek out instructions on how to beautify it.

I am now armed with some of the "beautification" options, so I've decided that I'm gonna make a real attempt at learning vi/vim in depth this time. Specifically, I'm going to be using MacVim so that I can keep my editing fonts and my shell fonts as separate options (I prefer a smaller font for the command line than I do for editing).

I'm definitely keeping up with the up and coming Kod editor though. Which is actually one of the reasons I'm attempting this now: Kod is still immature enough that I need to do this now before Kod becomes a compelling option.

And learning Emacs at all is still on my list. Somewhere.