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solo piano 20101217

drum hayley drum is what I've nicknamed my new project. It displays my drumming stats from Rock Band.

The reason I was creating the site in the first place was to do the following: I tell the site what difficulty level and what speed and it tells me what songs I haven't practiced at that level yet. And oddly enough, this was basically the last thing I figured out how to do. At one point, I had even made peace with the fact that it probably wasn't going to get done in this 48 hour window.

And I should also note, that the feature listed above, is not actually linked to on any of the public pages since it's basically only relevant to me.

So a sampling of some of the random things that it also displays:

I spent most of my time trying to figure out all of the database related stuff I needed to do. And I never did build a proper admin interface. Instead, I have a google spreadsheet and a script. I update the spreadsheet and then I manually run the script to update the database. It's a hack, but I like it.

Drum on!