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solo piano 20101210

After a long break, I decided to try making practicing drums in RockBand my daily habit for December. So far, so good.

Technically, it was actually an exercise goal - to see if I could lose the November weight I gained solely through adding daily drumming to my routine. Since I now only weigh in once a month, I'll have no clue how that is going until January 1st.

Drumming wise, I'm trying to see just how far I can get on my own without any lessons.

Now I'll just state up front that one of the fundamentals of drumming that can't be fully practiced in Rock Band, is keeping time. If Rock Band didn't give you a margin of error, it would basically be impossible to play since video/audio delays can vary so much (personally I've noticed that sometimes my TV will drift out of time in the course of a session, even if I calibrated at the very beginning).

But it's that margin of error that allows you to get away with somewhat sloppy timing while still hitting 100%. As an example, there are some swung songs where I can actually get away with playing it completely straight, thanks to the margin of error.

All that aside, I think Rock Band is actually a great way to practice. After all, there's no way I would've put in all those hours over the past few years if it weren't fun.

I'd kill to get the same experience with piano. Yeah I'd be Tori Amos by now or something.

If you own happen to own Rock Band 3 and the keyboard accessory, how is it? Does it help your playing in general? Most important though. Is it fun?