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solo piano 20101209

The site that I've been meaning to build for months now has finally been built.

laundry weather . com provides weather forecasts tailored to those who hang their laundry outside.

For instance, those who live in Seattle would be out of luck most of the time from what I've seen so far.

Which means that I've finally scratched my own itch.

There are still things I'd like to implement, like calling out which days are going to be the best to do laundry, based on sun/wind/temp, for those people who are able to plan their laundry days in advance. And I'd also like to just provide a general "why?" section, listing the benefits of line-drying and air-drying your laundry.

It feels good to finally have a 1.0 of this site done.

Yay anti-procrastination!