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solo piano 20101130

So the plan had been to work on the actual ruby rumble site (currently link is dead) for my next ruby rumble, but after playing with Jekyll last night, I realized I was setting my expectations far too low.

Instead, I'm going to finally revamp the main yelyah site that hasn't seen a direct update since May (it gets indirectly updated via RSS and twitter feeds).

The history:

  • v1: html/css largely based on a web design tutorial's.. ahem, design.
  • v2: from scratch design done by moi that never got a fully working backend to complement it. Dropped for..
  • v3: the Helvetica based simple site powered by Django. Had a blog and a music library. But I fell out of programming to work on music, so the site stagnated and eventually was dropped for my fling with...
  • v4: (the current one) wordpress based with a premium theme. The problem going into it (and I knew this all along) was that, if I ever wanted to fully customize it, I was screwed, because I hate PHP with a passion (once upon a half-decade-ago, this wasn't the case). And has been often the case, that one stagnated too.

Right now, my tumblr (where you're probably reading this) is the only thing that gets updated regularly and that's just wrong in my eyes.

Granted, tumblr probably won't disappear overnight, but there have been cases of major data loss by other services and it's stupid to not have a backup that I control.

And there's the simple matter that there have been bugs (such as tumblr giving you a completely unrelated error if you try to post an mp3 link with an https address) and features that I'd like to have (like how about the ability to upload more than one mp3 a day) that tumblr has no interest in implementing (I've asked). Of course, it's their service so they have the right to ignore me. But it's my site, so I have the right to take my business elsewhere.

So the point is that I need to start treating tumblr as how it should've been treated all along: as a complementary site, but not my main one. One that I can control to the fullest. If I need to fix a bug, or add a feature, I'm the only one to blame if it doesn't get done.

So that's my ruby rumble project this week. The site that will be called yelyah v1, but is really yelyah v5.