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solo piano 20101119

feedme v1 is done. And even though it doesn't currently show it, I've got some extra functionality baked in for whenever I get all of my photos up on flickr.

The "hidden" feature is that a comparison of yesterday's photos vs. yesterday 3 years ago will be shown.

I'm using 2 different flickr accounts right now. There's the one where I'm uploading yesterday's photos and the one where I'm uploading the backlog.

Side note: in order to not have to cheat and redeploy code in order to switch configs outside of my 48 hour window, I made the flickr user an environment variable that I can set at will.

I had originally intended to upload all of my old photos before I switched over to the 2nd account, but as it stands now, I'm still stuck in October of 2007. This is going to take for-freaking-ever.

So I might end up breaking my original intention or breaking the 48 hour window by doing 2 different flickr searches based on whether I'm looking at yesterday's photos or 3 years' ago.

At some point, something's gonna break down for me mentally and I'll decide that I'm doing far too much manual work and need to automate it.

Cause that's how I roll.