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solo piano 20101116

So I'm starting my own Rails Rumble today.

First, I had intended to do this ages ago. Ya know, like shortly after the official one ended, but I just kinda dropped it.

As opposed to the official rumble that starts at midnight GMT of Friday/Saturday, I'm starting mine midnight GMT Tuesday/Wednesday. Why? Because I was completely out of sorts the Monday after the rumble because I thought it was Friday. I wanted to celebrate which feels more of a Friday night thing than a Monday night thing. So I spent that whole Monday convinced that it was really Friday.

Point being, now I'm attempting to schedule my own rumbles to line up with that disoriented feeling.

Plus, as I learned over the official rumble, it's not like I'm utilizing the whole 48 hours, so there's no real reason to schedule it over a weekend anyway.

So, the rumble...

Though I cycled through a few ideas, including the laundry weather idea that was the original plan for the official rumble, I think I've settled on what I'm working on tonight.

A food photo journal

I've been taking pictures of what I've been eating since somewhere around July of 07. And those pictures stay on my hard drive gathering virtual dust. So I want to finally display them somewhere. So that's what I'm working on this rumble. V1.0 of my food photo journal.

Eventually, I'd like to implement things where I'd compare yesterday's eats to what I ate a year prior.

Like, yesterday I ate a bunch of processed crap. 1 year ago, I was a raw vegan.

Whatever happened there?