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solo piano 20101104

I'm learning that the sticker price of the ipad doesn't tell the whole story.

First there was the wireless keyboard. I'm way faster "on glass" on the ipad than I ever was on the iphone, but it still sucks. Given that there are no physical keys, it makes it near impossible for someone like me to type without looking.

And of course, once you get the keyboard, you really need a way to prop up the ipad so that you can actually comfortably see what you're typing. So you need a stand.

And really, who's comfortable with throwing their naked ipad into a bag? Lucky for me, I had a leather folio for a paper notebook, that did decent duty as an ipad carrying case in the meantime. But it wasn't ideal so I still needed a proper case.

I chose a case that had built in stand options. Two birds. One stone.

But of course, buying the case led to a new discovery, that I needed a bag with straps. I don't do purses but I do have a timbuk2 bike messenger bag. But it seems way too big to carry everywhere. So now there's that.

And of course, I'm not going to throw my wireless keyboard into a bag naked either. So it needs its own case.

Assuming all of the options I've picked so far (some items are still on the way at this point) work out well, then I've added at least $150 to the initial price of the ipad. Granted, I tend not to count the $70 for the wireless keyboard since I'll be able to use it with any bluetooth compatible computer, but still.

I love my ipad, but dang is it getting to be expensive.