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solo piano 20101101

Let's see, it's November 1st, which means several things:

  • nanowrimo starts today. I haven't hit my word quota at all and also have no clue what I'm going to write about.

  • I did my monthly weigh-in. Amazingly, my non-stop eating during rails rumble and continued junk-fest thereafter has added all of 3 pounds.

  • I turned on the heat and will now stop wearing summer outfits (tshirt and shorts FTW). There was nothing magical about the 1st. I just wanted to see if I could make it to November without actively heating the house or wearing non-shorts.

  • I'm attempting to drink 4 cups/32 ounces/~1 liter of water every morning. I'd say 98% of what I drink is water. Despite this, I'm still not actually drinking enough.

And it also means other things that have nothing to do with it being November 1st:

  • I did a factory restore on my iphone last night. I've been having battery problems. They're not as bad as way-back-when, when I would literally get about 30-45 minutes of battery life (restore fixed it then), but it's obnoxious. For instance, I seem to randomly dropped a large percentage of battery when it's not in use. Sadly or not, it hasn't been frequent enough to get an idea of what might be causing it. I'm also having weirdness with it freaking out in the 10% range and completely dying, yet it will let me boot it up... and then die again. This happened again yesterday. It got to 11%. Died. I tried the following a few times before giving up on it: turn it on, it gets to lock screen, still shows 11%, immediately dies. Fun. I'm hoping the restore fixes this wonkiness.

  • I jailbroke my ipad last night. I previously jailbroke an ipod touch 1g that ended up having a hardware problem (got crushed in my pocket when I took a nasty fall) and I hadn't jailbroken any of my ios devices since then. Yes, I am enjoying the benefits of jailbreaking, but it's starting to make it obvious to me that a full laptop is going to be the only real way to work on programming projects.