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solo piano 20101024

Originally, was supposed to be about ambient sounds. You'd go there and you'd get some background ambience complementary to what your current weather conditions were.

But I'm thinking it's a good excuse to really dig into learning how to make ambient music.

I've done some ambient pieces here and there, but they always feel like they're largely centered around someone else's evolving patch. So I feel like the piece wasn't really mine because its foundation wasn't mine.

So it's yet another thing on my list: learn how to make ambient music and generative music from scratch.

And of course, one of the problems with generative music and me is that I'm very much attached to the idea of being able to go back and perfect something, even if there's a good chance that I actually won't. I just need that reassurance.

So I need something that will be both random yet after-the-fact tweakable. Does it even exist?

Something tells me no.