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the weather outside 20101019

"the weather outside 20101019" ambient improv

I decided that I had to throw something together soon for because it's just not right to always have the sound of a thunderstorm regardless of the actual weather conditions.

So my big plan was to work on that today. And hey, I actually did.

I bought Aura Flux for the iphone/ipad last night specifically with the intention of using it to create some background music for Given how many ipad music apps are $10+, I think this one is a steal at $2. As a comparison, Brian Eno's Bloom, which is the same basic premise but has fewer features, is $4 for each version of the iphone and ipad apps (so $2 vs. $8 total).

As luck would have it, I also got my mixlr invite this morning, so I decided to livestream the making of ambient music. You can visit for the unedited version of the live performance. The snipped version is what is attached to this post and it's basically the same thing, only I snipped out the irrelevant intro and ending.

At this point, I've got several mp3s ready to go announcing the current weather conditions (sort of anyway and you'll know what I mean if you hear one of them) and then layered with the song that's here.

All I have to do is figure out where to host them and then add them to the site via the admin interface.

Well, and then there's the hour-long caching I set up. So really, I figure they'll be up on the site in 2 hours or so.

Alternately, check them out now on the yelyah posterous.