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solo piano 20101018

Pardon me. I'm a wee bit brain dead.

So I'm gonna switch to bulleted-list mode to get this out.

  • I survived Rails Rumble but I'm quite paranoid that I'm gonna get booted at some point because of some deployment drama that happened at the last minute. I'm hoping it won't count against me but I'm prepared (or so I think) for the worst.

  • This is my entry:

  • I haven't figured out a name yet. I own and maybe this is finally the site worthy of that name, but I don't know. Part of the problem is that I haven't figured out where it's going to be hosted. And why these two things are tied together is something that only my half-dead brain can comprehend.

  • The purpose of the site is to display your current weather conditions and display a relevant picture and have some relevant audio.

  • Right now there's only 1 sound file. So if it's snowing, you'll hear a thunderstorm. If it's sunny, thunderstorm for you and so on.

  • If you're interested in submitting your own audio interpretation of what things like "partly cloudy" sound like, definitely get in touch.

  • I haven't quite decided at this point what I'd like to see audio wise. My original thought was for the music/sound to be something that you could have in the background. If you've ever been to then picture that but with audio relevant to your current conditions. That was the original idea, though I have no idea if I'll stick to it. If you have your own opinion on what sort of things would be appropriate for the site, speak up.

  • If you are interested in submitting something, here is what (I hope) is a complete list of possible weather conditions.

Light Rain
Mostly Cloudy 
Partly Cloudy
Rain Showers 
Chance of Showers 
Chance of Snow 
Chance of Storm 
Mostly Sunny
Partly Sunny 
Scattered Showers