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solo piano 20101013

Panic is starting to set in.

I'm woefully underprepared for the Rails Rumble.

I'm gonna be spending much of this weekend figuring out basic things that I should've figured out long before the 48 hour window.

Plus, I'm starting to panic about the details of the actual implementation of my idea. Granted, you're not allowed to write actual code prior to the rumble, but I at least could've been working on things similar to it, so that I'd actually feel some level of competence.

So what's the site? Laundry weather.

It has one basic premise: is today a good day to do some laundry and hang it outside?

I've got my own "formula" that I use when it's laundry day, so the site is basically my way to automate that. My personal formula is almost entirely centered on answering the question of "how likely is it that it will rain while my clothes are hanging up to dry?" but I plan to also add in factors like how sunny it will be, how windy, and how cold.

Though I don't expect I'll have it implemented during the rumble, I'm also planning on forecasting more than just today's weather, so that I can look and see if I really should do laundry today because the next few days are going to be rainy.

I have no idea how easy it would be to figure out, but I'd also love to get real geeky and try to predict things like how long it will take for clothes to dry based on:

  • air temperature
  • cloud cover (and would also have to have different predictions based on whether someone's clothesline was in direct sun or not)
  • humidity
  • wind
  • "strength" of the sun - most likely based on time of year and how close they are to the equator

Many of my ideas for rumble sites were much more involved, but laundry weather won out in the end because it's something that I know that I will personally use.

But really it's the fact that I think I can actually finish it in one weekend.

Keep setting that bar lower!