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solo piano 20101006

Ugh. FINALLY starting to take care of some procrastinated-on projects that have been hanging over my head for far too long.

The momentum started with getting some of the long overdue car work taken care of (and there's more to come, yay). And now trying to use that momentum to take care of some deferred home repairs that should really be taken care of before winter starts.

And oy, the ANXIETY over whether I'll be able to return the online-ordered shoes that, I admit, I wore outside. In fact, one pair I even did a run in (the other I wore on a bike ride). I hate shoe drama.

See, the problem with one of the pairs was that it was only obvious that there was a problem when I wore them in a real-life situation. Wearing the running shoes around the house, they were fine and comfortable. Wearing them on a real run made it obvious that the toe box upper was made out of a material akin to steel-toed boots: it didn't want to flex. I was left with a lovely blister on one of my toes (and I still have a scar there) and a couple pairs of shoes that it was obvious now that I wouldn't want to keep (it was now obvious that the other pair was made out of the same inflexible material).

The soles don't look worn at all, but there are specs of dirt stuck to the soles that make it obvious that they were worn outside. I'm hoping that a good soak in some water and a toothpick will be all I need to clean them off. But it's not gonna be fun work, so of course I haven't done it.

It's clear to me that I should limit all future purchases to just food, for otherwise there is too great a risk that I will buy something that needs to be returned.

And then it will sit there. Unreturned. Making me feel guilty about procrastinating.