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solo piano 20100926

I am strangely excited about getting a "new" computer this weekend.

I'm not forking over any cash. No. I'm rebuilding a mac that has needed a rebuild probably for at least a year. I procrastinate.

I'm not sure when the problems started, but I remember the system was "dirty" even before I upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6. The upgrade didn't help.

And I've been getting enough random system slowdowns that I decided that I needed to make the rebuild a priority before Rails Rumble, because I'm gonna be flustered enough given the deadline. I don't need to add computer woes on top of that.

So even though the laptop is now 2 years old to me (and was last season's model when I bought it), in many ways it's gonna be like getting a new system.

I'm sure I'll dirty it back up in no time.