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solo piano 20100925

Rails Rumble is in 4 weekends if I'm phrasing that correctly. That means 3 full weekends of prep time.

I'm hoping to spend at least one weekend trying to simulate Rails Rumble with a personal project. 48 hours to build a personal site in an attempt to figure out the gotchas, mostly related to deployment, git, and time management.

I'd really like to build something this weekend as well, which means I'll need to pick a hosting provider. And I think that was part of my problem with node.js. I never quite sorted out where to host a project before the enthusiasm waned.

I've been spoiled by App Engine, and I suspect a Ruby on Rails app hosted through JRuby won't be as pleasant an experience as straight-up Python on App Engine.

I definitely intend to find out at some point though.