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solo piano 20100924

So yesterday I started getting antsy about learning Rails itself, though I was only halfway through the Ruby book I was intending on finishing first.

But I realized two things and decided to go ahead and move on to learning Rails:

  1. I have desire to learn Rails now. If I continue reading the Ruby book, I'm wasting that positive energy.
  2. If I had continued on with the book, I likely would've just started reading half-heartedly and/or skimming. Basically meaning that what I was reading would likely not really sink in, and I'd have to read it again somewhere down the line. So why not just read it later, period?

So I've started on a Rails 3 book.

I had hoped that off-and-on experience with Django over the years, and then a focus on learning some fundamentals of Ruby first (as opposed to 2005, when I just jumped right into Rails) would change my experience of Ruby on Rails compared to last time. But so far, I'm finding it as foreign as it seemed way back when.

I think a lot of that is the so-called magic and the focus on convention over configuration.

Right now, it just seems like a black box.

But not for long. I swear it.