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It's funny to me that, after complaining yesterday about the direction In Plain Sight has taken, it changed somewhat in the final episodes of the season.

Suddenly there's light. Everywhere. Even in places where it arguably doesn't belong (a bar) because it's actually contrary to what you'd expect in real life.

I can still find something to complain about though, which is the fuzz factor. Whether it's that they're shooting scenes with lenses/settings that get them a really shallow depth of field or that they're just adding post-processing to fuzz things up, IMHO, it's way overused on this show. It gets to be somewhat claustrophobic and just plain obnoxious after awhile.

Granted, I will say that the lack of lighting was much more obnoxious than this, but it does make me wonder if they hired a bunch of people who are fresh out of film school and are using certain artistic effects just 'cause rather than with a true vision in mind.

Though it did lead to the following theory, which honestly I don't believe, because it would give the new management way too much credit, rather than the simpler Occam's Razor style explanation, which is that the new management are idiots.

The theory:

After being shot at the end of season 2, Mary never woke up from the coma. Season 3 takes place inside of her head while she's still in the coma.

Supporting evidence:

  • Mary waking up from the coma was a plot point that just seemed to be glossed over. (My guess is this would've been covered in depth in the Part 2 episode that was buried by the powers-that-be and never shown, and that's the true reason that it was glossed over at the beginning of season 3.)

  • The lack of light in the majority of season 3 episodes no longer points to an inept film crew. Instead it's a deliberate decision that's supposed to indicate that something is really wrong in Mary's world.

  • Now that the lighting is back to normal, but everything's still shot in fuzzy-vision, this indicates that she is starting to wake up from the coma.

  • Brandi seems to actually be smartening up rather than just being a head-in-the-clouds ditz. Likewise, Jinx got her s*** together and moved out. It's Mary's fantasy; she's no longer having to take care of either of them.

So I guess this would be my fantasy. Instead of the reality, which is that the new powers-that-be are trashing the show.