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solo piano 20100916

[note to self: played via the digital piano speakers again instead of the headphones connected to the virtual piano]

I went through the Try Ruby tutorial last night. I ran into all sorts of problems that didn't seem like they were my fault. I ended up having to run a lot of the code locally via irb since it was a less buggy experience. Unfortunately, this meant that I couldn't do parts of the tutorial since they required libraries/files that were only available in the simulation.

Still, a good experience. And I did come away from it knowing that I preferred that Ruby's parentheses were often optional.

For instance, to downcase a string, here's Python:


Here's Ruby:


I still prefer Python's use of lower/upper instead of downcase/upcase, but I'll live. In fact, I could even see how upcase/downcase would probably be more intuitive to someone unfamiliar with either language.

I'm actually trying to assemble notes on Python vs. Ruby differences, ya know, so that when I inevitably crash/burn with Ruby, I have a bunch of notes to help me remember how to actually code in Python.