spacing hack



This improv is a direct spinoff of something I wrote way-back-ish called "shallow depth". AKA the period where my piano pieces were actually given non date-based names.

I was messing around tonight and started sort of playing it. I was using the same chord structure, but trying to deliberately make the melody different enough that I wouldn't sue myself for copyright infringement. Yeah.

At some point, I thought, what the heck? Why not try to do an improv based around this idea?

Along the way though, problems cropped up. For one, without the melody to anchor it, I couldn't always remember the chord structure that went with it.

But I suppose it's an interesting exercise... to try and deliberately change something that you've played many times before. To see if you can unglue your memory of it just enough to make it different.

And this thing reminds me that I'm supposed to be building a central archive of my music. Right now, no single site has everything. And that's wrong.

We'll also ignore the fact that I'm running without backups too. And I've been burned before. I should know better.