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solo piano 20100912

Procrastination definitely runs in the family.

After my own personal problems getting the Nook returned to Best Buy (which ended in a store credit since I was outside of the 30 days (which was fine since the thing was paid for almost entirely in gift cards anyway)), I helped wrap up a 3 month-long return drama for my mom today.

My mom bought a dehumidifier from Target 3 months ago.

Right off the bat, I was encouraging her to return it. The thing was really loud, for one. It generated so much heat that using it as an A/C substitute was out of the question. And, if I remember correctly, it used somewhere in the neighborhood of 800-900+ watts per my kill-a-watt, which is the rough equivalent of running 8-9 100 watt incandescent lights simultaneously.

But I think part of the problem was that nothing was actually wrong with it. So on some level, my mom felt guilty for wanting to return something that was working normally.

The definite problem though? The receipt was missing.

So with the exception of the first week, the dehumidifier sat in a corner. Neglected. It was too expensive/noisy/hot to run.

Since I knew that the 90 day limit was coming up, and the receipt was still nowhere to be found, I nagged... nay, greatly encouraged my mom to try to return the thing.

As it turned out, it was actually the 92nd day based on credit card records. And worse yet, when we got to Target, there was a sign that said something like "Can't find your receipt? Give us the card you used for the purchase and we can look it up". Verdammt. So basically, we could've brought the thing back a long time ago with no problem, but now we were outside of the 90 days.

So here's where I say Target++. They took the dehumidifier back with no drama and (unlike Best Buy) gave a credit card, um, credit, rather than giving a store credit.

And, of course, all of these experiences always tend to lead to saying "Never again."

Maybe this time it will be true.