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solo piano 20100902

I got a huge scrape on my calf today. I'm only really noting it here because I want to track how long it takes to go away. I think 6 months was how long a similar scrape took.

My musically relevant injury happened in December 08 and left me unable to grip a drumstick for many many months because I couldn't bend my fingers. My non-existent career as a hand model was also ruined. Luckily, I could still play piano.

On the plus side, I somehow lost the ability to crack my knuckles. I still don't know why. Was it the fact that it was physically impossible for me to crack my knuckles for so long that I overcame the habit or the fact that the trauma to my fingers actually corrected the underlying physical problem? For the longest time I was afraid of trying to crack my knuckles for fear that I would restart the cycle.

But I've gotten brave since then (or stupid) and have tried, and I can't crack my knuckles at all.

Except for my never-injured thumb. It still cracks like a champ. Whatever that means.