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solo piano 20100825

I've seen it before. Experienced it before. The procrastination-from-needing-perfection problem.

I've got a few songs waiting in the wings for whenever I feel I'm ready to give perfection and I have a screenplay that will probably never get written because it was just too-awesome of an idea to ruin by ya know, actually writing it. was starting to turn into one of those never-started projects. I could feel it. I've got several ideas for how I might want to do my own general weather site (it's a crowded niche, have to do something special). But none of those ideas have felt perfect.

Today, it became clear to me that I just needed to say eff it and put something on that domain.

Sure, maybe I'll end up totally changing the concept for what I have on that particular site. But for me, it's way more likely that I'll actually end up with something awesome eventually, if I just start.

Of course, I still wasn't immune to perfection. If you go to the main page, you'll just see a generic coming soon page.

So, you need to know the super-secret URL structure, which is basically:

It's a start. And that's like 80% of the battle. The rest of the 20% will take years though.