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solo piano 20100820

I'd like to mark today as the day I decided that I would learn node.js and combine it with a NoSQL database.

I'd like to mark this day because, as has happened with so many other technologies (I'm looking at you, I decide to learn them and then fall short.

And I think it was today that I realized why I've come so far with Google App Engine in such a relatively short time. Rather than how many of my tech love affairs have started, where I decide to learn a technology for that technology's sake and then try to come up with some projects that will help me learn it, the app engine thing was all about the site I was (and still am) building.

So this one is doomed to failure because I'm in it for the sake of the technology... I figure I need to have some understanding of why server-side Javascript = teh awesome.

In my hands, it will more so = teh fail.