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solo piano 20100813

Yesterday, I finally fixed my mother's Philips DVP 642 with the bulging C316 capacitor.

It was a fairly simple fix. Didn't require a $2 part from Radio Shack or a soldering iron.

It's called: I never throw stuff away.

So my broken Philips DVP 642 with the equipment that fails to actually read a DVD was a perfect complement to my mom's player because my C316 was fine.

And since I don't own a soldering iron, I just swapped the board that the C316 was on.

And then it powered on like a champ.

But the DVD door wouldn't close.

See, it was a bad idea to force the thing open after all. But luckily, that was remedied by forcing the frelling thing back in too.

And it sure beats the DVD player we found in the trash.