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solo piano 20100807

This is the sort of procrastinator I am.

The Nook I bought at Best Buy had some funky buttons right out of the box.

Today, I finally got a bee in my bonnet to take care of it and return it. I packaged the sucker up all lovely and such and then looked at the receipt.

@$!#[email protected]#$

I was out of the 30 day return period.

I figured, I've gone to all this trouble, let's give it a shot anyway. Long story short, Best Buy accepted it as a return without any hassle, but they gave me store credit since I was out of the return window. The upside is that, all but $17 of the Nook had come from gift cards, so I probably would've gotten the gift card money back as a store credit anyhow.

So let's do a post mortem.

  1. I procrastinate.
  2. I grabbed the last Nook at my store when I bought mine, so there was no Nook with which to exchange it, had I taken care of it on day #1.
  3. By the time there were some Nooks in stock, I was already starting to wonder if maybe I should just return the thing completely, since I was hardly using it.
  4. I continued to hardly use it, which in turn, made it way too easy to forget when exactly I bought it, therefore meaning that I:
  5. Missed the return window.

I might buy the Nook again. I might buy the Kindle 3. Right now, ebook readers seem to collect dust around me. I should've known better because I've borrowed an ebook reader from a local library 3 times now. I only ever really used it on that first time.

I thought the Nook would be different because I'd use it to browse tech docs on web pages, but in practice I hardly used it. Browsing on it was just not much fun compared to the snappier responses of non e-ink devices.

Granted, I will still say that I think part of what killed it for me an the Nook was the fact that my model was broken and definitely needed to be returned so I never made the effort to bond with it.

Yes, I said bond. That's why I'm an Apple user.