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solo piano 20100717

Today I got my first platinum trophy in a playstation 3 game. I did it by cheating.

Specifically, I cheated my way through Uncharted 2's crushing difficulty, by enabling the unlimited ammo and one shot kills that were supposed to be locked until I beat that difficulty.

Let me tell you, I have massive respect now for anyone who's legitimately beaten crushing. I was getting my arse kicked even with the cheats. Fear my mad skillz.

(And if you want to cheat, start a new game on your desired difficulty level and get to a checkpoint. Go out to the main menu, buy the cheats you want, switch the difficulty level down to a level you've beaten (or it might have to be the next lowest difficult I'm not sure), enable the cheats, switch the level back to your harder difficulty. Continue your game with your new cheats empowered gameplay.

Yeah, I suck at Uncharted.