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solo piano 20100620

Moments of pride.

Being part of a semi-major effort to get a house ready for the A/C to be turned on (sadly, not my own). Tasks include things like trying to vacuum out the fresh air returns. Waiting for the cat to wander out from the fresh air return. Finding out that there's no way that #$#@#[email protected]#@$# furnace filter is going to fit because you had to royally f*(& it up just to get it where it's supposed to go. And then finally finding a semi-flexible furnace filter, cutting it to size and getting it to go in so easily that you're suspicious of the effort.

And then finding out that you can get the door back on the A/C//furnace because one of the wood pieces that was installed when a new water heater was put in, is now blocking the door.

Good times.

And did I mention that the new water heater is already leaking?