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solo piano 20100504

Just for reference, I've been doing an experiment the last few days where I add the mastering "plugins" (in Record, it's a combinator added to the master channel).

Reasons include:

  • I often completely forget to bump the volume. And in the case of the piano patches in Reason Pianos, they're always way too low
  • If the maximizer is on from the beginning, then I'll know how it's going to affect the sound, as I'm playing
  • I have this sneaking suspicion that the lower-volume pieces aren't as popular

And for reference, I'm lazy and just throw the "Default Mastering Suite" on the song, then increase the master gain within the combinator to max. So long as I'm not playing too loud, the limiter hardly kicks in.

At some point, I do intend to assemble an "album" and then actually spend some time on the mastering side of things.

Till then though, I'm all about the lazy way.