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solo piano 20100406

Today, I did a live improv basically because I had to.

For some history, back when I was doing song-a-day in August, I was generally doing my daily song as the last thing of the day. It worked well. It gave me a nearly a full day to come up with something to write about and became a neat end-cap to my day.

This time around I've been trying to write much earlier in the day. A big reason for that is that I want to clear up mental space so that I can also work on revising something else later on in the day.

Well, despite my early streak, today I just didn't get around to it. Which would've been uneventful.

Had we not lost power.

And as I write this, lightning is sporadically, um.. lighting up the sky. Not much to write home about at the moment, but given that we lost power after our earlier storm had already rolled through, I'm not taking any chances.

And given that I live in an area that was once known for its 6+ hour power outages, it does make me wonder about nerdy things such as, what is my "disaster recovery plan". The plan that tells me what to do if I haven't finished my daily song, but my power is out.

It's times like these where it might be nice to have some, ya know, acoustic instruments lying around.