spacing hack



If you followed me back in August, you might remember how I spent several days porting this song over to Logic.

Well, now that I'm using Reason+Record, I basically threw out all of that hard work and started over.

I haven't yet had the time to try to recreate the mix I did in Logic, as I've been focusing on the vocals (after of course all that time spent on the boring busy work of exporting/importing MIDI data and making sure everything was lined up properly).

I've always wanted to redo the vocal version of this song, because I always thought that the scratch vocal I did, just didn't fit.

I don't know if I've got the terminology, but there's something about the melody and/or vocal range that encourages me to resonate from the mouth or maybe it's nasal. It just doesn't sound right for the song.

I decided to try doing a take where I sang an octave higher. Verdict? It's still in my range, but I can't enunciate worth a damn when I sing that high.

Next, I tried doing a take in the original range, and I suddenly found myself singing the same way I had when I did the very first scratch vocal. I don't even know why. But it sounds so wrong for the song.

I tried deliberately singing other ways, but I'm still not happy with anything I've come up with.

So 20100330's version features a rough mix with vocals that are an attempt at doing a softer lead line, and then the octave-higher take moved into the background with reverb (since you can't understand what I'm saying on that part anyway, I figured it would be perfect for a reverb soak).

At this point, I kinda have no clue what I'll do with the vocals. I might just try transposing the song higher and see if that lends itself to my singing better.

Or not.