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solo piano 20100324

This song is what happens when you decide to bandage together multiple takes that were done without a click track.

To explain the following, first I should explain this. I see the piece as being 3 different parts: the intro that hints at the A section, the actual A section, and the B section.

I thought it was important to keep the intro, because it was the improv that actually led directly into my improvising the main A section. I also thought it added something different to the piece.

My original version of the A section, when going from the intro -> A, was played much faster than the take I ended up using. So I upped the tempo by 115%. But I found that left the B section sounding too rushed.

So basically I ended up chopping up the main take (the A&B sections) into two sections and then only adjusting the tempo by 115% on one.

See really, what I should've done is just to recreate the whole thing BY ACTUALLY PLAYING IT. Instead of this freaky plastic surgery that's made a little too easy by modern software.

solo piano 20100324.record