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to be continued 20100228

What's weird is that I didn't feel the rush of adrenaline until after I had finished recording the vocals. At 12:59 CST.

And then I just kinda freaked out.

For those not in the know, this was for February 28th's FAWM song skirmish. A title was announced at noon CST, and then the goal was to write a song in just 1 hour.

I don't think demos were required, but for me, I often revise while recording, so it was essential that I get the recording done too, otherwise I would've felt I cheated a bit.

It started with my novel
I couldn't write "The End"
I backed myself into a corner
With a plot I couldn't mend

That's just how my life seems to go
A million new projects at least while they flow
They're not dead, that's not how they're viewed
I just stamp 'em with TO BE CONTINUED

So I won't give my two weeks' notice
I'll still work here, we'll just pretend
And if you could just send my checks home with Ben
He's a really good good friend

[Bszt?] That's just how my life seems to go
I never really quit that's now how I ro(ll)
I'm not a quitter that's not how I'm viewed
I just stamp everything with TO BE CONTINUED