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bouncing pianos 20100225

"bouncing pianos" - energetic piano/bass/drums tune

This tune was totally brought to you by technology.

The variant in the piano chords came from quantizing some sloppy timing that led to some happy accidents.

The main piano line came from playing some chaos that ended up sounding interesting. So I slowed the tempo way down to play something in that made some sense.

Also, August's song-a-day was 24 days long. Today was day #25 of this one. Perhaps 24 was a good stopping point, because today's song was full of false starts.

  1. I came into the studio quite aimless. This actually happens most of the time. But I guess there was some motivation lacking.
  2. I found a wasp and that seemed to really throw me off (plus, I had an errand so I used that as a good excuse to take a break - oh and to clarify, I killed the wasp right then and there, it just jacked up any flow I had)
  3. On the second time in the studio, I got a phone call that lasted a long time. Granted, I would've ignored the phone if I had had any sense of flow. By the time it was done, it was dinner time.

And on the third time, it finally got started. On the fourth, it finally got done.