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gear lust 20100215

Who hasn't fallen victim to thinking that a piece of "kit" is going to make all the difference in the world? Don't fall for it people.


Production notes: Oh yeah, I totally left in a bunch of plosives (PUH-PUH-Plosive) all over the place. Sometimes I just try to "suppress" them when I sing, with mixed results (like when I totally forget). I need a proper pop filter.

I tried singing the bridge an octave lower, but it didn't feel right for the song. So I decided to go for it even though I hardly ever use my upper range.

I also put in an order for Propellerheads Record earlier today. I'm sure that had nothing to do with writing this song.


If only I could
Get that patch
Then I could write
A sexy 'choon

I'd stay at home
In my studio
Writing so much
You'd think I'm a loon

Gear lust
It's a powerful thing
It's my driving force
That drives me insane

I get my hopes up
Every time
And yet I still can't write
A proper rhyme

If only I had a padKONTROL
I'd make so many beats
You'd think, "She's on a roll"

But that wasn't true
Even if I had the gall
A padKONTROL did not make me a drummer at all


This is the thing
I must blame

You silly fools
There's no way it's my brain

Hand me my blame list
It's my plugins, my patches, my DAW
It can't be me no
No not at awwwwwwwwwwll