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solo piano 20101111

Well, I tried to go all-digital with my todo list by using a combination of penultimate for scratching down quick notes and then omnifocus and taskpaper for longer term storage, but today I'm adding a paper notebook back into the mix.

The biggest problem is speed. I tend to be scatter brained enough that if I don't get an idea down quickly, I can't remember what it is. Whether it's age or this modern life... well, I'm hoping to blame the modern life bit.

I've tried a few note taking apps for ipad but regardless of whether I'm using a finger or a stylus, I'm still way slower than with just pen and paper. And add to that the fact that my short strokes often don't get fully recognized so I end up having to erase/undo and redraw. It's painful.

So starting today, I'm using a dinky paper notebook to jot down ideas/todos and then I plan to convert them into all-digital at least once a day. So todos will still be going into omnifocus or taskpaper (depending on what they are) and then I'm thinking that the random notes will get entered into evernote.

And yet, still, nothing will get done because I'm way more in love with finding new systems than I am in love with actually doing anything.