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solo piano 20100909

So I was all set to go with a Virtual Private Server for whenever I finally make some node.js code worth sharing.

But today, Amazon announced micro EC2 instances which puts them in the same league as the lower end VPS hosting.

So now I'm kinda torn. I'm pretty sure the VPS route would be the cheaper option on a monthly basis, but EC2 offers some options that make it more intriguing.

Really, I should just try both options at some point and see which one fits me better. Of course, the problem with that, is that I'm changing all the time. I waited in line for a Slicehost back in the day, but then I also let my slice gather dust for an embarrassing amount of time. Embarrassing because I continued to rack up monthly costs despite the fact that I wasn't using the service. As an aside, I don't recommend Slicehost. They were compelling once upon a time, but there are better VPS options out there these days.

In the end, I really should just go ahead and spin up an EC2 instance to find out what all the fuss is about. And then promptly run away screaming something about having no clue what I'm doing.